Barbiepuppen Klinik
Barbiepuppen Klinik

You want to get your beloved childhood doll repaired ? Or have Barbie or other fashion dolls, clothes and accessories from the 50s to 70s for sale? You may want to evaluateyour treasures even competently? Then contact me!

I collect for many years and am the current record holder with the largest Barbie collection in the  "Guinness Book of Records"

My article about Barbie and other fashion dolls appear in the collectors magazine "Dolls and Toys"

Regularly you can find me on the estimated dates in the Toy Museum Ratingen. There me and other experts evaluate not only Barbie dolls but dolls of all kinds as well as Steiff and other stuffed animals.

Together with Karin Schrey I organize the exhibition "Busy Girl - Barbie makes a career" and various other exhibitions in museums throughout Germany.

You might be interested to book our shows? Contact Me !

Several books have been published, which I have written alone or with various co-authors.

How did I become a Barbie Doctor? First, I had my own items restored by myself in lack of competent assistance or information. And I was able to expand my skills so far that I now also run the first Barbie clinic in Duesseldorf.

Periodically I send a sales list by email. If you want to be added to get my email list contact me!


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